Armando Avallone works as a camera operator with a specialty as STEADICAM operator and TRINITY operator.

Since when he was young his passion for photography and fascination for images pulled him to choose schools with specialized courses in photograpy. In 2007 he graduated in « Scuole Civiche di Milano », department of cinema, television and new media, and during the summer 2009 he partecipated in the Budapest Cinamatography Masterclass directed by Vilmos Zsigmond.

In 2011 he started to travel in central america discovering his passion for documentary photography and reportage. After that he moved to many different countries, living and traveling all around the world during 4 years : Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Spain, Sri Lanka end so on, continuing his personal research on differents cultures, societies and images.

Since 2007 he has been working as camera operator and steadicam operator for many different PRODUCTION COMPANIES:

Filmaster, The Box, Mercurio cinematografica, Akita film, Bedeschi film, Alto Verbano, Moviemagic, The family, Tapless, Utopia, Section80, Think cattleya, Mascioni, Basement, Withstand, (...).



Ali Ali, Paolo Genovese, Gavin Thurston, Steven Brahams, Ago Panini, Karina Taira, Cosimo Alemà, Mike Usandivaras, Samen, Elena Petitti di Roreto, Bellone+Consonni, Francesco Calabrese, Maki Gherzi, Marco Gentile, Valentina Bee, The Astronauts, (...)



Mauro Chiarello, Paolo Caimi, Luca Esposito, Roman Martinez De Bujo, Yves Sehnaoui, Mattias Rudh, Guy Godfree, Arnau Valls, Max Gatti, Luca Costantini, Emanuele Zarlenga,  Jeremy Valander, Martin Hill, Giuseppe Favale, Gigi Martinucci, Alessandro Bolzoni, Piermaria Agostini, (...)


Armani, Furla, Gucci, Bulgari, Valentino, Versace, Vogue, Pirelli, Calzedonia, Nike, Festina, Lavazza, Decathlon, Barilla, Trussardi, Fiat, (...)

Basically his experience is based on shooting feature films, commercials, shortmovies, fashion film, music videos, documentaries.

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